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  1. Nice work! If it warms up here soon i might try that technique.
  2. I still have my first mug. I also keep it to judge how far i have progressed.
  3. I hope all went well with your firing. Want to see pix too!
  4. 3 grams is for 100 grams of slip. It's 3% of dry weight. You might do as Arnold suggested. Try mixing different size tsps of oxide/stains and test on tiles.
  5. That usually happens to me with commercial glazes that get too dry in the jars. i have tried remixing with water, using the additive Amaco sells and nothing seems to revive them. Now i just throw them out if i see them cracking on the bisque.I hate to throw money into the trash can. Anyone have any luck with this?
  6. I think they look great! Glad you posted your results!
  7. I have been getting my cutting boards from the thrift store and they do make great dies. Never thought of looking for them at the Dollar Store.
  8. You might try slightly sanding your supports to make them feel smooth, it they feel rough to the touch. Make your you don't load any thing near your cone holders that might lean on the rods during a firing.
  9. Interesting thread. I some times use the soda ash from my pottery supplies to dye fabric. They charge more for it at the dye supply companies. Good to know to keep it in a sealed container.
  10. I have used cookies a lot more than six times and never had any explode, I think Norm is right.
  11. Do not use your oven, use your kiln.
  12. One of my former professors talked about natural talent. He said you can have natural talent but it's what you do with it. He said a person who likes what they do and works hard will go further than someone with "natural talent". He said in his 35 yrs of teaching, he had seen two students who could throw better than him when they started but 10yrs later they were working at other jobs which they loved none which involved clay or art.
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