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  1. Hello Benhim and Marcia, thank you for your replies. I think more haste less speed is required when typing to avoid adding 0's where they shouldn't be! I am aware of the basic premise of soda firing, however, I have recently started experimenting with re-firing reclaimed architectural ceramics which are not liking ^9! As the bricks etc should have originally been fired between ^06 - ^02 I thought it might make more sense to try and re-fire them in this temperature range. I have never salt or saggar fired but really like the idea and will look into this further. My firing partner and I will read the articles you have suggested with great interest at our soda firing tomorrow. Many thanks, Jo
  2. Hi I currently soda fire at 1280°C/cone 09 (with gas) but wanted to experiment at lower temperatures. I know that it is possible to soda fire from 1000°C/cone 06+ but have never actually seen any work that has been fired this way. Does anyone have any experience of this kind of firing? Any pictures or advice?! Many thanks, Jo
  3. Hi, I am based in the UK and I am trying to get hold of various feldspar samples to test in the clay body, more as a "decorative" grit, and so far I am having little luck finding any anywhere. Quarries etc aren't interested because I just want a small amount and whilst there are a few bits and pieces on ebay they are a fortune because they are aimed at the mineral collectors market. Any ideas would be very welcome because this is driving me crazy! Thanks Jo x
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