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  1. Yes you do have to break down the gun to clean, but you are only looking an half a dozen parts at most and none so small that they are unmanageable. Additionally spraying them off with a hose or the sprayer in your sink makes clean up easy enough. The buy in for a cheap gun is 20 bucks or less, half the price of the critter, and if you are just learning or not a regular sprayer, then the price is right. I have never had an issue with leaking from a poor seal on any of these guns, however they have only seen light use. I have used a sprayer similar to the critter at a community center with a sp
  2. I recommend the compressor and HVLP route, and in this instance endorse cheeping with a harbor freight gun. Harbor freight paint guns will work well for what you need and when they inevitably wear out due to the nature of glaze (abrasive particulate) running through them you won't feel it in your wallet as bad. Do make sure you get a big enough compressor, lack of air volume and low psi will give you fits if you are spraying a lot. I have two HF paint guns one detail size and the other a standard size, both gravity feed, which I would recommend over a syphon style gun. You may have to play wit
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