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  1. I just want these boxes to "look" as if they are "nailed" together. I guess a trip to the hardware store is my next move. Can I assume that since zinc is used in glazes that it's melting point is below cone 6?
  2. What type of metal tacks [small nails] will hold up at cone 6 and/or cone 10 firing? I want to use them on seams on hand built boxes.
  3. In John Britts cone 10 glaze book there is a glaze called Don Reitz Green that fits that description.
  4. has not set their status

  5. Have you tried paper clay? If your a hand builder this may work for you.
  6. I have been making some boat forms by throwing a bottomless form and closing in the top, then letting it firm up and slicing it down the middle. I then lay them cut side down and slip and score them together. Some times I throw a base and other times I hand build legs. I use a porcelain clay body or a 1/2&1/2 mix of stoneware and porcelain. They are fun to create and I like to throw then alter. The idea to make a bisque mold is one I will try next and like you I am only a "newbie" to this site.
  7. David Brin wrote a book called Kiln People and it's pretty good.
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