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  1. I'll hollow them out during class tomorrow then, and how do face jugs normally not crack with the added features? Because I've seen face jugs that were made exactly like mine was, but they don't crack or break. Do all of them hollow out the eyes?
  2. I used heavily grogged clay that has survived Raku firing, so from what you're telling me, I should be fine. Anyways the only place with the 1 1/2 " thickness is where the eyes were added. So hopefully it goes well, because if it does I'm going to add it to my art portfolio for competition.Thanks for your help!
  3. I made a face jug and I'm worried that there may be parts of it that are too thick and may explode in the kiln. It's a very nice piece so I really want to avoid that. It's almost 1 1/2 inch and my teacher has always told me to never fire a piece past 1 inch, but she's been wrong before. Is this a safe thickness to fire? P.S. It's lowfire clay if that helps any. ~Thanks
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