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  1. Hi Mug, My specialty is portraits . ..and often portraits with an oddball treatment for the background.. like resinate lusters or color shifting micas ..W We have a bunch of lessons on our PPIO forum . PPIO ( Porcelain Painters International Online ) is like Clayart for china painters. We have a listserv that uis free to sign up for ( link for that on our main page www.PPIO.com ) . It downloads through your email like the Clayart list does... and I also set up the forum at www.PPIOforum.com so we can post lessons and photos etc . If you go to the forum to Classroom # 1, you ll see my classroom there and there are a few lessons on portraits... but there are more on my student Becky Syroka's forum thread. Hers is also in classrom # 1 right under mine. Also the presentation that Paul Lewing and I did for the NCECA is Seattle is on the forum as well... our complete slide presentation along with text .. You dont have to sign up for log in to the forum if you just want to look .. ( You do have to sign up if you want to post ) .. Jane Marcks, who is fabulous has several books and a video on portraits also . Her contact email is : marcksartstudio at yahoo.com. Joan, thank you for your kind words. I had a lot of people who were there for me with answers when I needed them .. and I am glad to help out others . Also, yes, Lewing's book is excellent. It isnt a " learn how to " book ... but it has the most extensive history of overglaze I ve ever seen from antiques to contemporary ... traditional china painters as well as potter who use overglaze. .. and is well worth the money. I dont know why overglaze isnt more popular either. I guess the " grannies painting teapots" stigma is always there ... but like Paul says:" Its only paint. It doesnt get to decide!" Feel free to contact me at marci at PPIO.com
  2. Hey guys, Im late to the topic but hope this will be of interest: for anyone who is a painter and potter, you should consider china painting.. We literally paint as you would with watercolor , using the white of the porcelain as watercolorsist use the white of the paper... and we typcally fire layer on layer of color . Its also possible to do other interesting effects like gold, metallic colors, interference colors, fusing pieces of glass to the porcelain , textures etc ... But the best thing is that it is a WYSIWYG process, so it is literally like painting on a canvas . The low firing range ( cone 108 to 015 ) allows us a huge range of color. My specialty is portraiture... We have an online group where we teach porcelain painting . www.PPIO.com and there are a lot of lessons and pieces to look at on our forum at www.PPIOforum.com I also invite any inquiries at marci at PPIO.com I have attached a few files so you can see my work . " Lauren" is on an 8 x 10 porcelain tile and is a featured piece on the current Paragon Kiln catalog. "Dale " is a piece painted on one of my handbuilt porcelain plaques ( abouit 9 x 9 .. the ginko leaves are colored with underglaze.. but the rest of the piece is china paint with Mother of pearl luster in the background to replicate the mother of pearl inlay I saw when I was teaching in South Korea. The portrait is of my translator , Dale ) " Seara" is on a 12 inch porcelain plate.... painted with china paint with raised gilded and white textures and dichroic glass fused on. Cat hair was used to create the background textures .
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