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  1. The colleges are the ones that want college teaching experience. I wasn't looking to teach at a k-12 level but if thats what is need to get a job at a college I would be willing to do it. Thank you Jessica that is not something I had ever heard about but it sounds like it might be something that would be extremely helpful for me in finding a direction and focus.
  2. When you say craters do you mean the glaze was bubbling up while in the kiln or that it was pock marked when you removed it? I fire with an old electric that we have stuck some gas burners and fans under and when it starts to bubble i increase the oxygen and it disappears. I'm not entirely sure what causes that but it has proved very successful and given great results. I am fairly certain that we never go above 1900 and the pots are glowing orange when they are pulled out. Also i have seen several people talk about trying a thinner application of glazes on raku pots to get similar results. I
  3. I wouldn't mind teaching in a public school or something of that nature but all the jobs i saw wanted experience in a college setting. Would teaching at an arts center or something of that nature be considered applicable experience? or even teaching ceramics at a high school level?
  4. I have a Facebook page. Trying to focus on one thing is a difficult thing for me. This last year I am really try to figure out a way to somehow combine my interest into a single area but it is extremely difficult because I really enjoy several of them and find it difficult to focus on one for an extended period of time. I really don't want to specialize so much because I feel like having the varied skill set is something that will be useful along with the fact that it can give me a wider area of employment. If it is really necessary I suppose I could try to specialize more but if possible I'd
  5. I am going to graduate with a BFA from BYU-Idaho at the end of this year. My primary goal is to teach at a university level. I know that I need to get my MFA in order to do this. Before that I would like to earn some money and gain some more experience in the field of ceramics and sculpting. My questions are these: What are good schools to attend to acquire an MFA? I am not a very specialized artists (e.g. I do a wide variety of things rather than just focusing on one. Sculptures, Book Binding, Assemblies, Traditional Pottery with carving and abstract form vases) and would like to continu
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