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  1. Give Trinity's Porcelain Clay a try. Many of my Oklahoma Customers just love it. And the price is right. Just $20.00 a 50# box. A nice white smooth clay. Might be some in your hometowns. Pat Franz 405-634-6922
  2. Freezing is always a good subject to talk about. Mostly, though, for us major suppliers, we are cautious about shipping in freezing weather because of the posssibility of the freezing product expanding and breaking the container it is packed in. Very few ceramic/clay products will be harmed by freezing. The packaging is another story. A small tear in a plastic bag or a broken gallon glaze jar and you have an unhappy customer and lost product for that customer. Better to wait a day or two and ship then.... Hope this helps. Pat Franz www.BercherCeramicSupply.com Kilns should be like washing machines...everybody should own one! 405-634-6922 Get yours today!
  3. www.BercherCeramicSupply.com

  4. I've done away with using much wax now-a-days. I have found that the underglazes that the Paint-it-yoourself pottery folks use work well at ^6. Yes they are made for ^06 but the concepts work well at #6 also. Don't put any clear glaze on them if you use three coats.. They don't seem to run and I have been painting them all the way down to the bottom edge. Great colors. Try some for yourself. It has made my life easier.
  5. I would suggest that you make darn sure that you have a chemical/poison control number on your glaze before I would tell anyone that the glaze I made from scratch is food safe. Otherwise promote the pottery as a collector item for decreative purposes only. Pat Franz
  6. I use alot of plaster in my business. When you make the slab be sure to use Pottery #1 plaster. Then mix it 60% plaster to 40% water. in other words...6# Plaster to 1/2 gallon water. Let dry. Now to dry plaster or better yet to keep it in the drying stage. Put a regular house fan blowing across the plaster wedge table. The moving air will lift the moisture off. Be sure to have your pottery covered or you might be drying your pottery to fast. Pat Franz Bercher Ceramic Supply 405-634-6922 www.BercherCeramicSupply.com
  7. We love our High School 3D Pottery Teachers. I would suggest you get yourself a Boy Scout Pottery Book ...Pottery BSA Supply No. 35934 .... This little book costs less than $10.00 and has a wonderful way of putting a teaching aspect on pottery. You will enjoy this as a teaching tool for terms and talents. Also, be sure to align yourself with a Duncan Distributor. www.DuncanCeramics.com They will have your clay, glaze, brushes etc.. and are a nice bunch of folks who have your interest at heart. If you don't have a Duncan Distributor in your town feel free to call me. I help many teacher from across the country. Your job is special. Later in life, all students remember their art teachers. Pat Franz 405-634-6922 www.BercherCeramicSupply.com Oklahoma City
  8. We all like the bold bright look of some Matte Glazes While others like the drab look. I would suggest that you look into the Duncan Satin Glazes. They are food-safe. They called them Matte Glazes back in the 70's and 80's. A commercial glaze yes, but at $4.00 or so a jar you can try all you want. Also, check into the Courtyard Glazes. They are all non-toxic. Pat Franz www.BercherCeramicSupply.com 405-634-6922
  9. Denice, Call me and I'll coach you thru a kiln repair. It's pretty easy. I coach ladies all the time on how to fix their kilns. (Honey do's are in short supply) Don't spend alot of money on an old kiln. I can help. You probably have a burnt wire or the kiln has had a cord or plug changed in its liftime. Get your brand and model number handy and call me. Pat Franz Bercher Ceramic Supply 405-634-6922 Oklahoma City
  10. I'll try this again. Here is a nice, easy to use web-hosting company. www.Homestead.com You can create (using their templates) a static web-site for free or a minimal charge. I chose to use their shopping cart web-store feature. The cost is $25 or so a month. Very good looking templates and easy to use. Now remember, web uploading takes some learning. I suggest that you get a website started and be patient with the learning part of it. Website and computers are like musical instuments. You won't learn how to play them over night. Try no more than 30 minutes at a time. Let your brain soak in what it sees. After a few weeks you'll be flying thru those new uploads. Pat Franz Bercher Ceramic Supply Oklahoma City Feel free to take a look at what I have on the web. www.BercherCeramicSupply.com
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