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  1. I only use my kiln setter to fire. You'll be ok. Thanks for the feedback, its very much appreciated. :0)
  2. Thanks! very happy to hear that and appreciate the info.... Mo
  3. The ^ in the sitter bent enough for it to shut down, I don't have a digital read for temp so I'm merely hoping that it indeed did reach temp. I know that's probably not the best approach and I am still waiting for Blue diamond to get back to be about a thermometer for that kiln. Thanks for the feed back it is very much appreciated.
  4. Hello All, I'm new to this firing business but I'm not sure my Blue-diamond Tru-mat- tic was supposed to reach ^06 in a matter of only 4.5 hours. is this even possible? It's a relatively small kiln and was a small "loose" load. I needed to fire under-full to meet a deadline. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated... thanks Mo
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