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  1. Mark, Since your shared !!!what is the thickness of your soap dish..the center part not including the feet and ridges..love the design. My husband did a similar die for my extruder, but we think it may be too thick. It is probably 1/2 inch thick. Also, how long is each dish..do you mind emailing me at becky60b@gmail.com
  2. I have had the same problem with Standard Clay #181 White. I was also having a problem with cracking while drying. I did everything "by the book". I was telling a potter friend ...just casually...and she said...thank you, thank you..she was having the same problem. I have stopped using that clay for slab built plates and platters. I called the company. There response was..yes , we are aware of the problem. Sometimes it cracks and sometimes it doesn't. Well...i won't buy the product any more.
  3. Beautiful waterfall brown...mind sharing your recipe...mine always comes out to dark...maybe too much rio
  4. I've read about soaking and firing down...i use electric, but i've been using whatever cycle the cone 6 is set for...i have not experimented with controlling the cool down...doing good to get that right. ha ha..i'm just a "hobby" potter...just retired from teaching 28 years of little ones in a public school...thanks for the input...i have a lot to learn...but that is a good thing at this age...thanks becky
  5. Thanks Chris, I know I should do that. I have tested on small tiles with the solid color, but not with a combination/layering of glazes. There are so many possibilities with the combination of the glazes that I get lost in the process. Wah, Wah, Wah..thanks. Becky AKA Earthquake Potter.
  6. I'm fairly new to the world of potters!!! But I have been practicing and watching videos and going to conferences. I mix and use Mastering Cone 6 Glazes, but want to blend the glazes so they run into each other with a feathered look on the edges where they blend. I have a spray booth...thanks to my handy husband...but I just do not know what to do to make the glazes blend...dip or spray or use a squirt bottle? Please help.
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