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  1. I still don't think there's any need for a pugmill...
  2. AH!, now I see how it goes! I started a legitimate discussion about pugmills, and their practicality. When posters failed to convince me that they were needed, I said so. Because I expressed an opinion that OffCenter didn't like, he resorted to an ad hominem attack, which really isn't necessary, the majority of people here can disagree without ranting posts calling others 'invertebrates', and calling their posts 'stupid'. I mean, these posts came out of the blue, and were really unexpected, and surprising. I guess these replies will reflect well on the forum, and Ceramic Arts in general, but maybe no-one cares about that. Besides, how could a person's real name ever be verified anyway? and WHY should people be required to give it? Did I call anyone names? Did I ridicule anyone's post? this is really disappointing.
  3. Since I started this thread, I can hijack it at any time, as I will. Below is partial list of people that have started threads in this section of the forum. There are fourteen names on the list, I have circled the names of members that have posted NO information on their page. nine of us, out of fourteen, have no real name, pictures, birthdays, locations, etc. Most of these people did not 'introduce themselves' either. Why should I (Or anyone) be required to post anything they don't want to post?
  4. I've reported OffCenter's rant post above, and ask that it be removed in the interest of a more civilized discussion. Thank you.
  5. idem. That's a stupid thing to say. Just because it may not make sense for some dishmaker to reclaim clay doesn't mean it doesn't make sense for someone else to reclaim clay. Jim Economically, it does not make sense to reclaim clay by ANY method. I have done my own figuring, as have others that are better at the ceramics game than me. I don't think it's a stupid thing to say, at all.
  6. Well, there have been many arguments, both pro and con, for buying a pugmill. After reading them, I find that many cannot distinguish between an ECONOMIC reason, and a PERSONAL, or perhaps PHYSICAL reason fro buying one. Buying a pugmill, as one poster said, makes NO economic sense, if the price of clay remains below the cost of your time, plus the cost of the mill, plus electricity, plus maintenance. I suspect the price of clay will always be less than the above factors. As far as clay mixing goes, pugmills aren't that good at mixing clay from raw ingredients. That's why clay mixers have been invented and are sold - my supplier has a giant MIXER, and the contents of that are then pugged. They don't use the mill to MIX their clay. Wonder why? I still say it makes no sense to buy a pugmill, and the only ones benefiting are the PM makers. In fact, it doesn't even make sense to reclaim clay, by ANY method.
  7. Thanks Biglou, but i don't recycle clay, I agree with Jeff Zamek when he says "It's the most expensive clay you can buy." Meaning clay is cheap, your time is not, and the physical effort adds to wear and tear in an already demanding craft. He thinks it better to use time making. So who buys all these pugmills? Obviously, clay makers need the giant models to make clay, but who uses the Peter Puggers and such?
  8. I was having an argument with a friend. They think I should buy a pugmill for recycling clay. A little research revealed that, with my needs, and the space available, I could get one of those little Peter Pugger mills, for, let's say, $3,500. Now with clay cost at around $0.35/lb. I could buy 10,000 lbs. of clay. I live eight miles from my supplier, so I don't pay for shipping. That five tons of clay would last me at least ten years. If I buy a mill, I will have to : 1. find a place for it. 2. Pay for the electricity it uses. 3. Maintain it Or, I can use that money to buy clay and make pots instead of reclaiming clay. Why do I ( or any small volume potter ) "need a pugmill"?
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