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  1. Therefore I am a brain surgeon, what ever I wish to be, but does the outside world agree? In the movie example: Mel Gibson has a good line in the Expendables 3 movie; he is observing a painting in a gallery, in a discussion with the gallery owner as the owner's assistant looks on. It is of an abstracted American flag. Mel's character says something like, "Look at this. It's just some paint, brush strokes on a cheap canvas, What do you want for it." "3 mil." "Done." Assistant grins ear to ear. Could be, that ARt is what the money says it is, & everybody follows. For a certain segment of the population, this is entirely true, which argues for my previous point that in an affluent and segmented society, art is what that group says is art or values, morels, etc. Thre is a very good definition that states, "all art is regional", which could imply geographic,social,ethnic, economic, etc regions. So is there crossover between the production region and the academic region, the studio regions, of course but there are those that try and protect their regions. Wyndham
  2. Ah, I love it. Art explains quantum physics, I can see that on several levels. Now in the above example, the painting is simply a painting, everyone acting or reacting are outside the painting . Without interpretation or really translation, art is a hidden language known only to the artist. How many times have we all seen someone wax poetically over a painting, sculpture or other, only to learn the artist created it is an altered state, not connected to the viewers interpretation . Did Jackson Pollack commit suicide because he saw his life's work as drivel, as a con game on himself? If we go back to primitive ceramics, where group survival was dependent on function and quality, the potter also embellished the forms for both personal pride and community cohesion. It may well be when a society is not as affluent as ours and more interdependent on each other and the land, the art has a closer connection to the people it serves. Though I'm not that familiar with the Japanese tea ceremonies, there seems to be a need to help tie generations and tradition together so an identity won't be lost. Since we have such an affluent and diverse culture, the fragmentation of art seems a natural progression where movements/trends in art can be transitory. Wyndham
  3. Limited as I am, I am a production potter. As Patsu mentioned, I find the tactile responses from my work by those who use them, is one of the most satisfying returns to me of my work. Knowing that everyday folks enjoy my pottery, gives me the energy to return to the wheel. Tony Clennell recently was a judge in a dinnerware show in Pa, I believe. In his blog, he mentioned the piece that he also purchased as one that gave him a comfortable form. So are we, as potters, driven to make forms that satisfy our own nature, Tony Clennell seemed to express this in his blogs. "Art" seems to be a definition label imposed by others to satisfy some internal rational to a undefinable creative experience that they view but don't participate in, nothing wrong with that as well. Some time ago I was watching an English cooking show where the fellow was using a bowl glazed with a white glaze that had crackled with age and decorated with simple cobalt blue "X's" along the rim, it was outstanding. All of this and more has led me to explore the relationships of potter,consumer, critic, and art from the gallery to everyday life. Good discussion, I hope others with join in as well. Wyndham
  4. There is no "right or wrong" position but thoughts like yours that may help see where clay fits into the contemporary life of 2014. Wyndham
  5. I have seen and been part of discussions about art and clay that have degenerated into mediocre slams on both sides. I would like to open a discussion on what makes a clay pot more than the sum of it's parts. Is it an illusion that there are artist that rise above the production genre, that make pieces that even the untrained eye recognizes it's artistic merit? With so much hype about emerging artist and the wish to leave the constraint of form and function for some new vision, where is the common sense line of design and art, or is there one? Though I won't be able to go to this talk the information below might spark some interest and comments. http://ncclayclub.blogspot.com/2014/07/alex-matisse-free-talk-at-bascom-in.html Is the production potter destined, either by choice or chance, only to live in production. Is the university trained potter, destined to live in an academic clay circle? Are the prices the public is willing to pay either exclude or include either group? I hope this elicits some deeper insights into where clay, as a expressive medium ,lives in the real day to day world. Wyndham
  6. Celia, it might be helpful for you to make some test tiles or small bowls to test these methods and see which works better. Wyndham
  7. Just a thought, Ferro corp makes(coriderite sp) kiln shelves and other refractory material. They may bag it dry in 50 lb bags??? If they do, that might be a possible direction for materials. Wyndham
  8. There are plenty at Goodwill Wyndham
  9. Wollastinte and zinc oxide can harden in the bag over time, we need to see the recipe to help Wyndham
  10. Yes, when using 1 glaze but when 2 or more glazes are used, it keep the piece level for horizontal overlapping glazes. The bottom glaze is Temoku, the top half will be a rutile blue, overlapping only part of the Temoku, then a rim dip of Nuka. All of this can be done without touching any glaze. It might not be visible in the photo but the top half of this piece is unglazed, that's where the other 2 glazes go on. Wyndham
  11. Well at least for me. I have always had problems glazing berry bowls(colanders). This version of my berry bowl has no foot to hold on to while glazing. If I hold the bowl with 2 fingers on the rim and thumbs on the bottom, finger marks on the glaze is annoying. Several days ago I found a spatula in the kitchen was coming apart so I took the handle to the studio thinking to make a trimming tool. What I did was to grind the bent end enough to fit into the center hole of the berry bowl. The bent end(about 45 deg) created a hook that held the bowl and balanced with my other hand made the best tool yet(for me) to glaze the difficult form. Hope the attached photo shows this well enough to possibly help others. Wyndham
  12. I'm thinking to widen the firing range a small bit you might try to tweak the glaze by taking your Cornish stone down to 25-27 and upping the soda spar to13 to 15 to get a smoother melt with out movement, just a starting point for testing Wyndham
  13. The faster the wheel the more centrifugal force pushes outward against your hands. By the end of the day I use more speed, am more tired and slop more pots as I fight the wheel. BTW a high speed wheel makes for great spin art without having to go to the county fair I also I visualized a 57 Chevy engine/ drive train/w rear end hooked to my wheel, remembering the Top Gear episode where they hooked up a car engine & transmission to a food blender, but I digress Wyndham
  14. Most definitely, which you will learn as you gain experience as a potter using electrical kilns. Wyndham
  15. There have been post about the goldart clay used in some of the different brownstone clay bodies. It seem that some may have more organics/coal particles in the clay than it used to. This may or may not be true. One idea is to create a bisk firing schedule that allows longer burnout time in the 1100 deg f to 1600 or 1700 degrees range. You might look at your kiln controller manual and find what the bisk schedule is and make one with longer firing times between these 2 temperature areas. If the program calls for 200 deg/hr in this area, make a custom ramp/hold that slows it down to maybe 100 deg/hr. I'm sure others here may have a better heat ramp suggestion than I. Just a few ideas Wyndham
  16. You may also have issues from time to time because the slop clay will change with different people using different clays and amounts, maybe a little, maybe a lot. Wyndham
  17. Silver nitrate is sometimes used in Raku glazes or sagger/pit firing where the reduction atmosphere can give flashes of metallic color to the glazes Wyndham
  18. .The current in kilns can be very dangerous so get an electrician to trace the problem.You need to get someone familiar with kilns to determine where the problem is. The mfg of the kiln will have a manual that can help trace the issue, maybe give them a call first of the week and explain what's going on. Do you see any breaks in the elements? If not it may be a loose or shorted wire, get help finding the problem. Wyndham
  19. Just wondering if that many refinements with such small particle size could also concentrate either natural salts or alkali in the slip water, forming elementary glaze? Very interesting line of development, like a good mystery novel. Wyndham
  20. sorry about the misread, but the exploded tiles could cause an element failure. Wyndham
  21. The kiln should have gone off when the kiln sitter shut off, even with the switches on the "ON" or "HIGH" position. A possible cause is a relay burned out or a connection to one element set burned out or something with kiln sitter has arched/burned out, hard to say . The other thing that might have happened is that the test tiles that exploded, some of the glaze material went into an element . When you started the next firing the glaze fused in the element causing it to melt and fail. Several things that might have caused the problem, but the kiln staying on after the kiln sitter tripped is not a good sign. Wyndham
  22. I'm wondering if you were to reformulate this with a frit instead of GB or at least some percentage of frit if this might help or reducing the GB. Just a guess Wyndham
  23. I have been gifted 25 lb's(dry) of Opulence matt base(cone 6). and am wondering what are some of the amts of coloring oxides/carbonates and opacifiers will look good with this base. If anyone has any experience with this base on texture or coloring, please give me a heads up on what might or might not work well. My cone 6 clay body is Miller 55, a white firing body. Thanks Wyndham
  24. FYI Looks like it was a Firefox browser issue. I updated and it went away Wyndham
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