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  1. saw something the other day about rice husk being a waste product from milling in California rice production. I had have to google to find it but will look into it later.It's being re purposed into something, forget what??? BTY John what about Michael Coffee's Nuka Custer Feldspar 36.00 Quartz 30.00 Whiting 22.00 OM-4 6.00 Wood Ash (unwashed) 3.00 Talc 2.00 Bone Ash 2.00 http://dmichaelcoffee.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/nuka-glaze-recipe-%E2%88%8610-reduction/ Notes: This a ∆10 Reduction glaze that will fire to a Creamy White with low gloss to satiny finish. Good over tenmoku, will run if applied too thick over thick tenmoku. As always, test for your ingredient and firing conditions. I use on version that breaks white/green on top of a rutile blue have to look for it later Wyndham
  2. If you have a trophy/engraver nearby that has a laser engraver, they can make a deep cut rubber stamp with out a backing that has worked well for me. I roll out a thin slab and dust it with cornstarch "Ala Mea's idea" and press it in trim and apply with a bit of slip. Wyndham
  3. I flip them about every other firing. Since I have a supply of the older 1 in shelves, I use the light weight ones higher in the kiln where it's hard to lift the others head high, getting too old and too slow to play like I was 50 Higher is also a 1/2 cone cooler. Wyndham
  4. Take a top/lid from a jar and place it in the GG to check for centering. Sometime one leg can have something between the clip and the wheel keeping the GG og\ff center, the lid will show up any off center. Maybe one of the sliders skipped a track Wyndham
  5. I'm wondering about the SCM glaze as a possible problem area. It has nearly 3 % Lithium and that might affect the other glazes and the body adversely. . I also think I saw that the handle is hollow, do you have an air release hole somewhere on the handle? If you don't the air pressure from firing might be an issue. Hope you find the answer soon Wyndham
  6. You might get in touch with the SC state geologist office. they may have mapped that area and help find a new deposit near by and accessible .By describing the color to a geologist may help him pinpoint other deposits for you. What part on SC are you referencing, just wondering. We have a local clay called Buck Tallow that is silty muck but other clay that works well is under this seam. As to the bisk, trial & error Wyndham
  7. I also make mine similar to Mark's with about 3/4 lb clay. The good thing about this form is that if you don't cut out the slot for a sponge, you have a sugar/sweet&low packet holder or toothpick holder
  8. you might try bisking some of the clay, hammer it and sieve it to fine sand size or a bit coarser and adding it back into the raw clay much like grog is added to other clay bodies. It should give strength an the color would be the same hope this helps Wyndham
  9. Dry screen the spod as you weigh it out., that way most if not all will wet screen later in your final screen. Wyndham
  10. Moon White fires more refractory than I like. I'd have to go to 10 + or 11 to get what I like at 9-10 gas reduction Wyndham
  11. I use a electric grill with temp control. The wax is candle wax from hobby lobby. Adjust the temp until the the wax goes liquid, but not smoking. If you need to wax large volumes of pots, this method, with care taken, has worked for me for over 18 yrs. The wax only needs to be about 1/8 in. We use a knife to scrape off any excess wax on the bottom. Using wax at this temp, it's not around open flame and is not hot enough to combust on it's own. Care must be taken with any part of a studio . Wyndham
  12. Firmer clay than that of a throwing body will release better.Some potters will allow the bagged to air dry a bit to firm up before using for a pressing. Clay will tend to be be a bit thixotropic or soften under pressing, porcelain is even more so. Porcelain needs to be even firmer for pressing, otherwise is will stick to the mold and give grief trying to work with soft clays. Hope this helps Wyndham
  13. A quick test to see if yur wheel is out of level is to clean the wheel head then put a small amt of water in the center. You'll see where the low point is and the faster the water goes the more the wheel is off. I've had to change from standing to sitting because of hip issues and seem to need to readjust wheel height about twice a year,up or down a bit and level Wyndham
  14. The above link shows a wood fired kiln that was the "Go to" design for earlier generation Seagrove potters. The NC Pottery Center has one almost the same and is fired by different groups 3-6 times a year. It would be a great kiln if you could lift the lid like a bar-b-Que smoker and not to have to crawl in to load & unload I've long thought if that arch top were several 4 inch fiber blanket sections, it could be the best of both worlds. Wyndham
  15. Benzine,try coating the inside with wax. Build up a nice thick layer, I think fire will make it's appearance. Wyndham
  16. Yea, I took a pottery class, quit my day job and been up to my eye balls in clay ever since . I figure it'll be another 100 yrs before I figure out if it was crazy or not. Wyndham
  17. I have taken the small filter out of my Harbor Freight sprayer because it always clogs up. I try to get my glazes skim milk thin for spraying and add a touch of Epsom salts to keep it from settling while using. Hope this helps Wyndham
  18. Are you talking about from element to relay or element wire or from breaker to kiln electric wire. Wyndham
  19. buy clay recycle clay can be a mix of several clays for testing or limited production Mix glazes Test test test Wyndham
  20. You might also put the material in hot , almost boiling water to dissolve the soluble salts from the frit plus other stuff that may have formed. Wyndham
  21. Neil,It's not designed for ash effect but a lower cost production kiln with quick firing cycle. Next time it's fired, I'll try to post a photo. Another neat thing is the entire front is the door which is lifted off and the interior is accessible. Wyndham
  22. A friend of mine has a fast fire down draft wood kiln that has 2 fireboxes, one on each side and the kiln itself is 4 inches of fiber. Fires in about 10 hrs and is about 60 cu ft stacking space. He uses scrap wood from several different sources. The kiln looks like a sprung arch style, all fiber no brick for the shell. Wyndham
  23. Yea, I have a call into them but the head clay guru is out today. It's also good to get different opinions and POV. I figured there are enough squirrels over(including me) here to get a bead on a cache of nuts, uh, ideas Thanks Wyndham
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