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  1. It might be possible to get some scrap kaowool and wedge in in with a putty knife or some thing like that. The kaowool won't harm the elements. Wyndham
  2. So what is the rod spacing, (6)@8 inches to cover the 48 inches or ?. How much fiber did it take. Mine looks to be 45 in across and 40-42 front to back as the bricks fit Wyndham
  3. Biggest reason for a top loader is my age and bending down that low to load the kiln as the location has a low shed roof. If I made it a front loader, I'd have to make it a car kiln. My first kiln was similar with a fiber top 3 layer tied with kanthal wire, this one will be a bit smaller only about 30-34 in deep. I need a quick turn around/test kiln. if I need a quick 20 or 30 mugs and a few other things, I can turn it around load and fire in a day. I have some 1 in high alumina 28x13 used shelves that are bowed, I could cut length wise and prop along side the flame channel(stack side) as a
  4. Thanks, I had this years ago but either lost it or packed it away as not to lose it ha ha . I think I'll go as big as possible for the flame way. I'll follow up later if it works out. Marcia, I'll try out your cone 6 red when I get it up and firing. Wyndham
  5. I think I have come up with a small(8-10 cu ft) flat top down draft gas kiln design but need help with burner placement. I will use 2 venturi burners(hi pressure regulated) coming in from the back each left & right beside the exit flue. Between the interior wall and the ware shelves, how much space should I allow. The shelf layout will be either 4 14x14 shelves with 4 inches between the interior wall and the side edge of the shelves on both sides or using 13x13 shelves this will allow 5 inch flame channel on each side with something of a half brick about 2/3rds down the channel to lift
  6. Going to send the foot pedal and controller box to Amaco c/o Bob for repair. no other choice it looks like, oh well, stuff breaks Wyndham
  7. Will do. I too want to know more of what's going on with my equipment Wyndham
  8. Finally got through but the tech was not that well versed and said the foot pedal controller board was likely out. I asked for the head tech, Bob, but Bob was out at the dentist. The controller board doesn't have an obvious burned component on the board but that's all I can tell till I can find out if there is a meter reading I can take on the board to tell if it's bad Board replacement is $150-175, will find out when I get them the ser #. If the date is the last 4 digits, that will be 12,03 dec of 03 Will learn more this week Thanks Wyndham
  9. Yea we gotta do something to keep the wolf away Wyndham
  10. I even had a customer that got one to hold his Iphone (sideways). Wyndham
  11. I've got 3 calls into them but no return call yet,oh well have a backup wheel so it could be worse. Thanks Wyndham
  12. Thanks, I'll work more on it tomorrow. Wyndham
  13. Mark, I'm talking about the foot pedal Hi/Low pot ajustments inside the pedal. the low rpm pot seems not to adjust as you trim the low with turning from low/off to1.5 turns to max Wyndham
  14. I've replaced the switches on my brent C wheels before and adjusted the Hi/Low pot setting with no trouble but this switch is giving me grief. The pedal won't start the wheel at the low pot setting no matter how adjust it. The hi pot kicks in as it should but no transition from slow to hi. Hope someone might have a thought. I've got an email into tech support but it's after hrs now, just frustrated.Thanks Wyndham
  15. The new g200 eu comes from Spain, I believe. In my cone 10 r Temmoku and other glazes, I need a a bit more flux, still trying to dial it in. Wyndham
  16. Thanks for the pixs, lots to consider. The k28 vs k23 is something I had not accounted for.I have the pad for the kiln, just need a shed(metal one) and this spring try out a a new kiln build. Wyndham
  17. Curious about several things. What amount of lbs/pressure from the jack do you think you are getting . Do you use corn starch as a release agent or something else.
  18. Thanks, looking forward to it. Wyndham
  19. As with the burners I have on the 45 cu ft ,I have the paps open til reduction then closed but for 1 turn then around cone 6 open another 1/2 turn while adjusting the damper as needed. The issue with burners under the kiln is the paps adjustment, too many issues with stiff joints, old age and the like so I might have to stay with burners either 2 in back or some on the sides so as to adjust the paps and a bag wall. My gut feeling was there might be a possible problem with this type of burner, just wanted to see if I missed something. Wyndham
  20. The gas kiln I have now is homemade down draft with 6 raku style burners, 3 on a side of a kiln that is about 45 cu ft stacking area. This works fine but I'm looking at making a smaller size kiln that is similar in design as a Geil, where the burners come in from the floor and has no bag wall. I have looked at a burner from from summit kiln conversions that has 4 pipe style burners(50k btu/burner) that attach to a manifold but do not have primary air ports(PAPS) or butterfly air intake adjustments. This system relies on the damper to create a reduction atmosphere. I believe the gas orifice is
  21. On my salad plates I've used 2 lbs , where I center and open to 9 in then pull a wall for the rim, lay it over so the rim is at the edge of a 10 in bat pin hole but this seems to be too light to me, sorta what "Pres" said about mugs. I'm thinking It should be 2 1/4- 2 1/2 lbs to give more substance. I went up to 3 1/2 on my plates and that seems about right Do others here like a thin or more robust plates. Wyndham
  22. The thermocouple may have gone bad.They can have issues at higher temps as they age and keep the kiln from reaching temp.This is one of several possible problem areas as well as a bad element/elements. Have you ever changed the T/C and how old are the elements. As elements age they lose the ability to get as hot as when they were new. Just a few thouights Wyndham
  23. I started with an Aim updraft 10 cu ft kiln with 3 burners in the center bottom with a bottom shelf about 6 in above the burners. It worked fine for bisk and could only get to cone 7-8 with bottom hotter than top for glaze firing, it was a great learning tool. If possible find a manual on the internet or call Olympic for instruction on firing,and shelf placement. There's a learning curve that is going to take some time but it's only Gas($$$) and pots($$$$) and time. A gas updraft will work well and not fall apart on you as long as you are reasonably careful. Study how they fire their kiln,
  24. old thermocouples lose integrity as they age and it maybe the T?C is wore out and not reading the proper temp. if this is the case you need to change the t/c. several things could give this result, t/c and or elements Wyndham
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