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  1. Thanks for your reply, I am in the uk, not far above sea level but not sure of actual hight! the kilns fires on heating oil, which I beileve to be very similar to road diesel but not simialr enough to replace on with the other. It is currently fired using a blower and while I m not sure of the exact name of the burners I know it is fired with two. its currently at a similar altitude to where it will be moved to and fires consistently well to stoneware temperatures. The current stack is 10 feet, ideally I need it to be no more than 7 feet. I will try to find out about the burners.......!Â
  2. Hi all, I have been working in a small studio in a tiny kiln for some time and was recently offered a much larger kiln. The issue is that it is an oil fired monster! I live in a small town and a very tall chimney will not be appreciated by my currently tollerant neighbours. Has anyone got any experience of altering the design of a kiln to reduce the hight of the chimney?? I am some what of a kiln building novice but have made a life of taking on insanely huge projects and this kiln will have to be taken apart and rebuilt anyway so a redesign is possible. Think of the potting potential...! Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Potter
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