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  1. Lots of good ideas about catching the trimmings. Thanks. But my splash pan fits fine. Did some measuring and have a good idea how to fit a shelf to my pan as it is. I do a lot of woodworking so will probably be fashioned out of wood with a nice comfortable shelf to rest my arms on stained and sealed with epoxy finish.
  2. Just received a late Christmas present from me to me, A Griffin Grip. I have been potting about 10 years and have mastered tap center to a wet wheel. On tall pots used 3 to 4 pieces of clay at the bottom, but still not comfortable trimming tall objects. So using the proceeds from good Christmas sales I ordered one from The Ceramic Shop. It's a little tricky to setup getting it centered, but once there it's easy to snap on and off the wheel head. The only problem I have encountered is that the Grip raised the height about an inch and a 1/2 so I can't lock into the splash pan using trim too
  3. Bioman, I had about the same situation as you. I use a lot of Cinco Blanco and then I found B-mix with grog at Trinity. I can get height and thinness with it. It's worth a drive up to Big D then lunch in Deep Ellum. I alway call first to make sure they have a stock on hand. They usually will set aside my order.
  4. I just picked up an very nice Paragon Touch N Fire Model 66. Clean, elements stand up well, no broken bricks, a perfect small test kiln $75. Think I might put a Sentry 2 controller on it. Will add to the collection of my workhorse Skutt 1027 and mother-in-laws 30 year old Gare which I don't fire and planning on making into a raku kiln.
  5. A couple of years ago I noticed the tremor in my left hand seemed to be getting worse, and I went to see a specialist. He diagnosed essential tremor which is an inherited condition. I have always had somewhat shaky hands, and I remember my dad did the same. We, the doctor and I, are trying several meds trying to find a good fit to control the problem which he says can be controlled. But right now it is interesting to throw sometimes. I can't throw tall, over about 10" because the left hand just looses control, and I have developed some strange cross hand wraps to lock my hands together for
  6. I have to refer back to the days when I was working on my old MGB. WD40 is a water displacement solution. You need to go to an automotive store and get a spray can of a penetrating solution for rusty, frozen bolts and nuts. Spray, tap, tap, tap, let sit spray, tap, tap, tap, let sit for several days. If aluminum to steel it might take a while. I would even try a little heat. Common penetrating agents: PB Blaster Liquid Wrench Kano Kroil ATF-Acetone (50/50 mixture) (Automatic Transmission Fluid/Acetone ) Had to go to my MG Forum to remember the names
  7. Wife bought a new set of flatware several years ago, but it didn't have any saucers or small bowls. I made 12 saucers and 12 small bowls almost matching the glaze of the bought set. Like most potters I have plenty of 2nd mugs that I call my outside mugs. My favorite mug was given to me by one of my teachers years ago and it doesn't go outside for fear of breaking.
  8. Go to this site www.speedballart.com scroll down to clay boss and download the manual. Maybe this will help.
  9. (A very easy way for hobbyists to start selling is to find a local hand made gift shop that only needs a limited inventory, or small craft shows that have low entry fees but are well run ... This keeps the scope human, affordable and low stress. Best of luck to you whichever way you go! ) Chris said it just right for me. I live in a small town of about 5000 and have two outlets on the square, a drug store that sells all sorts of items, and an antique store that also sells gifts. I only do 2 shows a year, one in town and one in a neighboring town. Since I'm probably a hobby type potter I
  10. Thanks all for the ideas. I guess I'm on the right track then, but with some new techniques.
  11. I am making some mugs that will have in impressed design in an attached sprig. I want to fill the design with oxide for color, wax it, then glaze the mug. Plan on using RIO. Seems like I have just read mix it with some gerstley, can't remember the proporation. Do you color greenware or bisque? I tried it this afternoon on a piece with some heavy texture that was very dry greenware and it seems to work OK. A lightly damp cosmetic sponge cleaned the excess well without streaking. My mixing was very scientific, a spoon of RIO and 1/2 spoon gerstley. Any thoughts, Thanks
  12. I also had my first booth Saturday at a Wine and Craft show just up the road. About 12 wineries and 15 vendors. Guess I was lucky in the draw to get a spot on the front row corner just in front of the gate. The more wine they drank, the more pots they bought!!! A very simple stand, one table and a rack that I had made. I noticed that the rack drew more attention even with risers on some pots on the table. I think the contrast with stained wood catches the eye better.
  13. I did the same thing this morning 7:30 am, heavy gloves and all. Also getting ready for a craft show in 2 weeks. Several good surprises, 1 beautiful berry bowl with a small crack that I'll give to my daughter. Overall a good firing. (Old Lady I sent you a PM)
  14. After my Skutt 1027 finishes firing I check the board for duration of firing for my log, turn the kiln off at the control board, then it continues to read the temp. I only turn the MASTER BREAKER off when I'm ready to unload the kiln usually about 200 degrees on the board. I usually leave the kiln vent on for a couple or three hours after firing is complete. (I thought I was the only one that peeked.)
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