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  1. I was just a simple fisher and student just 3 years ago. Now I have a personal small business with the lot of help from my sweet DAD. My father doing a work for multinational company since 1975 according to my father. Now I have all the dealing with same scales company in which my father doing work.
  2. Well I am not much experienced in this photography field But I want to improve my skills in this. I mostly capture my scales picture for my out city customers, and send all the picture trough the social website or mail and some time in hard copy. I think I am not fully expert in this so guys I want to know that about some capturing tips which help me to improve my skill.
  3. As you saying "Chris Campbell" If you are a Member of the Potters Council you will get discounted shipping charges with FedEx. So let me explain I am also member of the Potters Council and want to move my floor scales from one place to other place. So will you provide me the discount for this shipping also or you just have this discount for some limited products shipping.
  4. According to your post artwork is work? So I believe on this artwork is one of the difficult work In all . When I teach to other for simple study I just convey my thoughts my ideas and my personal information in his mind according to lesson. But when I tech to other for artwork then I have to make my understanding with his mind and with his body language. So I thing artwork is really work.
  5. Whole sale work is better than simple shop work. You just have to need to avail all the stock from the company. The local shopkeeper buy all the products on a large quantity that will be more beneficial for you so that's way I think the wholesale work is more easy for you.
  6. According to your question, I have not Idea but according to my work, I must charge from the person according to work becouse we hade waste our force for that so why not we should charge for that so. I hope you have a experience in your fieald and you have a idea how cahrge is souitable for the work. waterproof scale
  7. We have all the education system at the moment but I think we need for get some education about the rules here I am not talking about any special rules I am talking about all the general rules which we must need to learn for our life style. It it true or not? Do you guys agree with me on this?
  8. Well according to my work. I make my every day with all force I have my recycling work and I bought the junk from the customers and then weight on the spot, on very next moment. I turn over that junk to my scrape center, then next day I separate that all parts and forward to my main recycling work shop. Then they make all next proses on that its simple.
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