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  1. It is the clay body itself just under the surface - under the glaze. The glaze is the majolica cone 6 from mastering cone 6 glazes. I fire to 2170 with a 20 minute soak and then fire down.
  2. I am having problems off and on with a fine textural bubbling just under the surface of fired pieces. Using a Grolleg cone 4-6 porcelain fired with the schedule from Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. Ideas????
  3. I am a potter of some years and have been working with a Grolleg cone 6 body for the last year or so. I am continually frustrated by bloating. The bisque has been totally fine tuned. The problem is with larger pieces - thrown from 8 to 14 lbs. Is this air trapped in the walls? out gasing? I am firing the schedule from the Cone 6 Glaze guys . . . I am making extra everything for orders to cover the losses. HELP!!
  4. Would you share your recipes?? I have been using a ^6 Majolica that has been pitting when refired at a^04.Any information is appreciated. Thanks, Pam
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