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  1. Marcia - I am in the final phase of setting up my studio and just fired my 30+ year old Crusader kiln for a ^6 glaze firing. This kiln is fire brick only on the exterior, and though I use the peep holes, when its on Hi you can still see the red of the interior between the lids and small holes inside the cage where the dials are located. It did not reach proper temperature, and it was very cold in the garage where the kiln is located. Do you recommend a ceramic blanket for the top? If so, any recommendations? I have heard mostly positive comments about using such a blanket but I thought I read that use of a blanket could heat the interior more intensely than it was intended for and could wear out the kiln faster. If you use a blanket, does it remain completely on the outside of the kiln? I read some where to place it between lids?? I'm just trying to get advice before I make further mistakes. Thanks. Sara
  2. This information is useful as I'm in the process too of deciding whether to create a website or a blog. My understanding is that a website is more time intensive but can pay off significantly. I am leaning towards creating a blog because it is free and user-friendly (and I do have an Etsy shop which I found easy to manage, but it has numerous pros and cons). I'm just starting a home studio so I want to have one up as soon as I'm up and running.
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