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    Pottery, ink drawings, painting, knitting...making things with my hands. Archeology and anthropology.
  1. Thanks for you post Chris, it was helpful. I am on etsy now and you're right it can be hard work and people won't just find you. Luckily family and friends were able to post my site and get a lot of traffic flow into my shop. I even started a blog to try and get more people interested, but again people won't find me. I am seriously considering a website too be able to make my own personalized shop and you're right its a must have.
  2. I am only 24, and already have some back issues. Thanks so much for the tip about a higher wheel, I never even thought about that. I should probably get a higher work table too.
  3. lizet pottery

    Looky here!

    A mish mosh of things I have thrown on the wheel.
  4. One of my very first finished pieces.
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