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  1. intermediate to advanced striving for perfection

  2. Firstly, the clay is 02 clay - no grog. When I bisque should I put it on coils also? or is stilts enough? My only problem with this firing is that there is nothing else to put in to the kiln at the same time. When I glaze will I do a low fire glaze instead of high? and do I go up slowly as I will in the bisque firing?
  3. I have a project for a flat, 1 inch slab (approx. 30 X 50) I do not know how to set the kiln for bisque. My first attempt was using 07 cone and slow on my skutt. That actually came out okay. then I continued to the glaze level and did 5 cone fast. Bad, Bad Bad - the board warped and cracked on all four sides. Does anyone have a suggestion how to fire this piece?
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