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  1. There are some tips from Lakeside pottery....... http://www.lakesidepottery.com/HTML%20Text/Tips/firing-fusing-glass-on-pottery-ceramic.htm
  2. Aha...mine has also been mixed and shipped! But you're right..cusotmer service is non existent. Next time I will go with Carolina Clay. They responded quickly and price of $3.50 is not bad. I was ready to send an enmail with my reciped to them...glad you wrote. Thanks!! I really appreciate it!!

  3. Hi, seems as if GlazeMixer is not out of business. I saw a charge on my bank account and then checked my account with them. The glaze has been mixed a shipped. They never did respond to my two emails or one hone message. I'm it sure what to think. I'm not really impressed with them customer service wise.

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