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  1. Are these the type of assemblies you are looking for? https://store.probioticjar.com/product-p/bwc-1.htm
  2. There are some tips from Lakeside pottery....... http://www.lakesidepottery.com/HTML%20Text/Tips/firing-fusing-glass-on-pottery-ceramic.htm
  3. Not sure if this is what your're looking for.... Patti
  4. I had that same question the other day. Emailed them and was told you could burn to your own DVD after downloading. So not such a bad idea in my mind! Instant gratification, too!
  5. I bought my Clay Boss about 5 years ago...being new to wheel throwing (I was a handbuilder also) and not knowing if the love affair would last, I wanted an economical one. The affair is still going strong and I have never regretted buying it. I have used many other wheels in the multitude of workshops I have attended and still love it. I think, too, it's all in what you get used to. Ask 10 potters what wheel they prefer, you'll get 10 different answers. I throw at least 2-3 full days a week, and it has been good to me. I also bought an Arista through Craigslist, and I'm not thrilled w
  6. I found an old oak drafting table on craiglist for $75.....heavy, sturdy, easy to clean. The finish was pretty well worn to the bare wood, so I can even wedge on it. The lowest height setting, though, requires a higher drafting chair (also found one on craigslist). It is perfect in my little studio; a great all purpose table.
  7. Wanting to know the answer to this also. But my kiln has several more hairline cracks than Ray's. Patti
  8. Aha...mine has also been mixed and shipped! But you're right..cusotmer service is non existent. Next time I will go with Carolina Clay. They responded quickly and price of $3.50 is not bad. I was ready to send an enmail with my reciped to them...glad you wrote. Thanks!! I really appreciate it!!

  9. Hi, seems as if GlazeMixer is not out of business. I saw a charge on my bank account and then checked my account with them. The glaze has been mixed a shipped. They never did respond to my two emails or one hone message. I'm it sure what to think. I'm not really impressed with them customer service wise.

  10. I've used glazemixer a few times, and have been very satisfied...most recent order was on 7/1 of this year. The glaze was mixed and shipped the next day. However, I placed an order on 9/29 and as of now, the glazes have not been mixed. It is definitely legit so I'm thinking there is a good reason (perhaps away for a few days, etc.) for the lack of response. I'll wait a few days longer before I panic.....I really like having somewhere to order the dry glazes, since I have no space (or really a desire right now) to buy/mix myself. Patti
  11. Thanks...just ordered some to try. Always love to try new ones, especially at a great price!!
  12. Came across this...it may be the article you're looking for???? Hope this helps. http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-supplies/pottery-clay/stack-and-slam-wire-wedging-an-efficient-and-easy-on-the-wrists-way-to-wedge-clay/?floater=99
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