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  1. [quick background] I've got a very good friend who runs a recycling center in the town we both live in; they recently got a glass pulverizer (sp?), and the first time I saw that crushed glass, I fell in love - it's beautiful!! I thought, that would look awfully pretty if it could be stuck all over the outside of ceramic pieces - kinda reminds me of the (somewhat newly marketed) pieces that have what look like mirrored pieces on the outer surface. Except multi-colored glass Now, put simply, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to pottery; I've taken one college ceramics course several years ago, and that's as far as my knowledge goes. I've recently spoken with that instructor; he said he's never seen it done, but would be concerned about the glass melting. I've done a bit of research on the "melting point" of different types of glass, but that's definately going to be a process in itself. Now, I don't have a kiln here at home, though my friend (mentioned above) has several friends that would be willing to help me out. However, I still want to figure as much of this out on my own time as possible. Have any of you heard of something like this being done?
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