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  1. Hi, I recently purchased some cone 5 brushing glazes (my experience is all about making cone 10 glazes from scratch and pouring them), and it turns out I really don't like brushing! Can I add water to them and use them for pouring and dipping, or are there other ingredients that would need to change, too? Thanks in advance, K
  2. Thank you all very much for taking the time to coach me through this! Interestingly enough the type of crack you describe (spare shape cracks on the outside of the bowl) is drawn up in Frank Hamers The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques. Page 82 shows squarish brick shaped cracks on a bowl. He says "The crack is probably more than a haircrack in a few places and results from a biscuit dunt that was unnoticed at the discuit stage. At biscuit stage some dunts do not penetrate through the pot. A slip coating could dunt seperately from the pot body and vice versa." It seems like to me your bisque schedule may have to be changed to deal with the type of cracking you are having, and maybe you didn't notice the cracks when the bisque was done. Years ago I had a series of really strange cracks in pieces like spirals all the way around the pots-looked like springs instead of pots. I also had a series of pots with brick shaped cracks as you describe, in the bisque, and they were extreme. Made a change in the firing schedule, tweeked it, and things worked out well. You may be cooling too fast.
  3. Hi, we recently fired my friend's gas kiln. Pieces (B-mix, cone 10) came through the bisque firing well. During the glaze firing, we had two pieces with very unusual cracks: one is a bowl (appx 10" across and 8" high) which developed square shaped cracks on the outside of it. I have never seen anything like it. Another is a 12" plate, the rim of which actually developed a long crack which bent up -- like an airplane wing. Again, never seen this one before. Does anyone have ideas about why this happened? It doesn't seem like a throwing problem -- I've made many, many of these in the past and never had this issue. Ideas appreciated!
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