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  1. Black overglaze aka as China paint/porcelain paint can be mixed with either a waterbased or oil medium and then painted on the warmed pot. Wipe the residue off the glazed surface after it has permeated the craze lines. Fire to 780.c and the black crazing will be permanent. Overglaze is a better choice than black stain as the overglaze is triple roll milled to obtain the very fine consistency necessary for overglaze painting. Overglaze contains its own flux which nowadays has to be lead free in its composition. Johanna
  2. Genelle Keraflex have a Facebook Page https://www.facebook...41118149&v=info You do not have to sign in to FB to access this. There are lots of photos and information suggesting different uses here, as well the opportunity to ask questions from the distributors. There are also articles published in Ceramics Technical, Vol 25 and 30 Unglazed at top temperature it develops a sheen almost like a minimal salt firing would give. For me Keraflex has all the properties and uses of ultra thin translucent slabs. It is only imagination that is needed. Johanna
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