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    Raku. Functional stoneware ^6 electric.
  1. What I call myself depends on the context. If I am alone, I'm a craftsman. If I am with a customer, I'm a potter. If I am at the cultural center or an art show, I'm an artist. If I am cleaning my studio, I'm the janitor. Dave. The New Pittsville Pottery
  2. My greatest leap this year was to start as a teacher's assistant on pottery night at the public school. The art teacher and I run pottery night on a volunteer basis and have an empty bowl fundraiser for our food pantry in the spring. When you have to teach and explain how to throw pots you learn more and get better at throwing yourself. The kids learn fast and last year we were able to raise over $3000 for the food pantry. I'm envious of the brand new whisper Shimpo wheels they have at school. There are 11 wheels in all. The after hours pottery night is open the school to kids who demonstrate some seriousness and to the parents. All in all a huge leap.
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