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  1. Sodium Hexametaphosphate is the original "Calgon" formula plus perfume which was made in the US awhile back. It was reformulated due to the adverse effect the chemical had on the the microscopic flora in streams and rivers but can still be purchased from certain chemical supply houses. I believe it is used by people involved with pool cleaning.

  2. Here are the recipes for two really nice ocher terra sigillata mixes.  Since Albany Slip is no longer available, you can make the Weiser Ocher one instead which is just as nice!



    50 grams Albany slip

    50 grams KYOM4

    400 grams water

    10 grams Sodium Hexametaphosphate


    OCHRE SIG by Weiser

    1663 grams Cedar Heights Gold Art

    66 grams Yellow Ochre


    Add to a mixture of:

    8 grams soda ash

    16 grams Sodium Hexametaphosphate

    1 gallon water

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