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  1. I first would like to say that these leg extensions that various companies make are very nice and sturdy but I would suggest trying 3 cinderblocks stood up vertically and then for the wheel to be put up on those. It will save you $197 and that could be used for whatever but I personally don't care for Brents, they aren't bad but they can be noisey and like I said before, the way the wheelhead spins and stops is hard for me to get used to. But I guess to answer your question, I would say that it would not be worth buying a $500 more expensive wheel compared to the Bailey. If I didn't say b
  2. Hello, I have read most of the posts with everyones views on the various wheels and would like to give my input. I have a VL Whisper and have owned it for 3 years now. It was the first electric wheel I used and still remains my preferred choice. I was debating years ago whether to get a Soldner or a Shimpo and ending choosing a VL. I would still love to try the Soldner wheel with the VL body shape (meaning no large table attached.) Heres a quick pro con of various wheels. Brents Pros-Have lots of power and various models for specific amounts of power needed. Very good splash pans. Co
  3. If you are alive, you are eligible to answer this question. I would like to hear from as many people that decide to reply to my questions that I would love to hear everyone's personal thoughts of clay and what are the common thoughts and remarks associated with clay. Here is questions we can start a discussion and I will give my opinion on how I am affected by this question. (Q)Was your progression at ceramics difficult, or what was your biggest obstacle in clay to overcome? (A)The first thought that comes to mind is that I was always confused why I was the "prodigy" kid in ceramics
  4. I do something of similar purpose, to reset a rim to make it more round, and I would use plastic cups, like party or normal size drink cups. If I were to need a similar tool for a deep bowl, then I would throw a low bowl or shallow bowl whose rim was maybe a few inches wider than the untrue bowl I would like to reset. That way as you get better and bowls may get bigger, you dont have to make another bowl/tool. I would just call it a centering chuck or maybe it would be the name of the technique that should be more technically fit. I would then bisque the bowl and if it retains a sandy surf
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