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  1. meisie

    A few pieces

    Some of my work that I like and that I feel is getting better.
  2. very nice work

  3. The shelf of shame is a great idea, I wish schools were stricter with the students about the quality and quantity of there work. The first two throwing classes I took we could only keep three pieces to glaze and they were critiqued at the end of the semester. We also spent a lot of time cleaning and mixing clay and other studio chores. I returned to my alma mater 10 years after graduating and found they no longer practice these ideals. The Master students were unloading tons of obviously beginners work from the gas kilns the studio was a mess and the undergrads no longer made clay. I felt the
  4. This is also what the museum class I took did. The woman who loaded the kiln also had a little slip of paper with a list she checked off that had pre-written notes on why the piece was not fired. Things like glaze on bottom, glaze applied too heavily and a bunch of other stuff. We then took our pots back and fixed what was wrong. I thought it was a great idea.
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