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  1. Hello, I agree with you all, we tend to separate art from craft, we look at and enjoy art, and that's it, it is not common ( even if most of us do so) to serve our meal in handmade plates or trays. Our everyday life deserve beauty, just because is every day that we need to surround us of things that gives us pleasure, to look at, to touch or to taste. Often, people that are cooking or entertaining on regular bases, use plates that are not handmade, or they do not care about. It is a challenge to present what you have cooked in a way that the food and the plate enhance each other qualities, be that the most sophisticated dish or a raw apple. I can't be more open to start proposing way to connect our every day life with beauty. Have a good day Mara Cammi Orsi an italian in Chile http://www.maraorsiceramic.com
  2. Hi Momeema, I think that the fact that the stoneware matures at a temperature different from the glazes you plan to use will not be a problem, you could bisque it at a higher temperature even cone 4 and then glaze it, and fire it at the cone the glaze requires. good luck Mara Orsi www.maraorsiceramic.com
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