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  1. Thank you. We were thinking that the top does not reach maturity because air leaks in at the top and the vent is pulling the heat down. We were also thinking that we needed to use glazes and clay that have a range of temp. If we bisqued at 05, then maybe the over fired parts would be at 04 which would be fine. If we fired to cone 5, then the over fired parts would be cone 6 which is what we want. We are going to run a bisque firing this week. Thank you for your advice. Suby
  2. We use solid shelves. We will try staggering 1/2 shelves in the middle. Thank you for advice.
  3. Does anyone have a good terra sig recipe? I am interested in making horse hair pottery. Thank you.
  4. I have an L&L Liberty Bell kiln with Vent Sure attachment. I have been struggling for months trying to find the right program so my pieces will fire to maturity. We fire to 06, 05, 04, and 6. I have called L&L throughout this time and they keep telling me to adjust temp. I have 3 shelves and try to fill them evenly. Two usually over fire and one under fires or comes close to firing the correct temperature according to the free standing Orton cones. I keep adjusting the temperature, but can't get glazes that do not have a range of firing temperatures to work out. Since the thermocouple is at the top, I have decided that all three shelves will never fire to the same temperature. I am beginning to think that I have to use Stroke and Coats or Underglazes that have a wide temperature range. Does anyone have any suggestions or are experiencing the same problem? Thank you.
  5. I have an L&L Liberty Bell kiln with Vent Sure attached and have struggled for 9 mo. trying to get it to fire correctly. The 3 layers do not fire at the same temp. One usually under fires and the other two over fire. Not getting solution from L&L. Keep adjusting temp. Anyone have the same problem? Solution? Thank you.

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