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  1. Hello Min,

    That's not my dog. Wish it were.

    I never heard of a Catahoula and I'm from Louisiana.

    Thank you ever so much for introducing.

    We love dogs, and have had many, but at the moment we are dogless. Your post are really great. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  2. I have never tried dolomite. Would you fellows care to quote your favorite dolomite mat for large cone 6? That would be most kind. Thanks. John255
  3. This is a good discussion with valuable comments added by all. I think I did not make it very clear that the base glaze for Mason stain additions up to 10% was meant to transparent. My compliant is that most formulas for transparent and semi-transparent are very glossy to the point of distraction. In reduction the effect is different. The comment about Wollastonite having so much silica could be a glossy factor because apparently there is enough flux to produce a good melt. And, yes I too like a glaze that moves a bit to bring life to the piece. Thanks for your thoughts. John255
  4. Atomic Axe, You mention the "Plastic Look", but also I find most ^6 electric formulas for transparent glazes to be far too glossy. The clear formulas in reduction I'm accustomed to seem more toward satin, but still quite transparent. Here is a formula that fits the too glossy and plastic look, but very good in all other aspects. Silica -20 EPK -20 G-200 Spar-20 Wollastonite-15 3134-25 What do you think about this? John255 (BTW, I've been following your post and find your comments to be right on. However, I think you are shooting yourself in the foot with that avatar photo?)
  5. Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. Looks like at least two formulas are using 3124 which should be a good flux for the clear base. I'm familiar with the "plastic" look and don't like it. Great comments, thanks. John255
  6. Someone may have tested the formula recommended by Mason and could supply some input. I could not get an email response from them so I called on the phone. They recommend the following transparent large cone 6 for most of their colors. F-38 frit 32% Kona F-4 Spar 26% Silica 19% Whiting 13% EPK 10% The formula looks quite old. F-38 is and odd frit by Fusion Co. that contains about 18% strontium carbonate. The closest Ferro frit is 3292, but it only has 4% strontium and other components of 3292 are not close. I personally don't think that amount of strontium is going to influence the colors very much. For the other components of F-38 the Ferro frit 3124 is fairly close, but it does not contain strontium. When I get around to testing this formula, and to avoid finding F-38, I will use 3124 and test with and without about 10% added strontium carbonate to see if it indeed affects the colors significantly. John255
  7. Marge, I use a blender I picked up at a yard sale for $2. It works great for getting the viscosity you need for brushing or trailing although it will thicken up overnight. I use Standard #130 clay body dry scrap if in a hurry, and Mason stains up to 10% of dry weight. Probably slaking is better. When the slip is too thick it's amazing how little water is needed to get it right for the job at hand. Good luck. John255
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