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  1. Just browsing through the galleries and your piece just made me smile! It's joyful.
  2. cracked pot


    New endeavor to throw growlers.
  3. It looks pretty much like my results but I would add that I place the pieces with this glaze in the middle of the bottom kiln shelf. It seems to need a slightly cooler location. I fire to cone 6.
  4. Yes I do notice that the Potter's Choice never creeped beyond the bottom wax line, eventhough I glazed with thinner coats. It seems to be as stable as Versa, but I'm not ready to have that much confidence. I will practice on tiles and also use a catch plate. I can't wait to get the Albany Slip effect on a piece. I love that glaze. I did read on another forum that when he used Ancient Jasper in thin coats, it turned black and ran all over the place. He too learned the hard way that it takes thick coats and applied quickly. I am not jumping for joy over my bowl above, as the outs
  5. Just out of the kiln, ancient jasper over firebrick red on red rock clay. Love the colors. Sorry the pic come out so big. Have not figured out how to upload thumbnail size.
  6. Thank you Steve! I love this glaze and everyone who see it comments on it. It's wonderful to have more detailed application information.
  7. I just took a load out of the kiln and three pieces were in Ancient Jasper. I read somewhere online, don't remember where, that the glaze needs to be fired to cone 5 fast and cooled fast to achieve the red color. I fired to cone 6, slow glaze and placed the pieces where I thought it would be cooler in the kiln. They came out with shades of olive green, dark blue and orange. Quite beautiful. The pieces also need texture for the glaze to break. Don't give up on it yet.
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