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  1. Hi joshur,Hi all.. I'm back.. I tried out the sensors with U-shaped exhaust manifold that i used to capture the kiln exhaust gazes and then feed them past the sensor.. one sensor I bought was used and the reading just continued to climb as if the reading was changing due to the sensor heating up.. in the 45 mV range and kept increasing.. another sensor also used didn't give me any reading.. I was using the digital multimeter from Harbor Freight I think that was the one you said you bought.. I'd love to get this working to at least see just how much reduction I'm getting early on in the cycle.. I know it's quite heavy as I see the carbon deposits on the peep plugs.. but wonder if controlling toward the high side just prior to shut down.. any further recommendation are welcome.. Joe..
  2. Hi Diz.. hi all.. I tried my homemade version of an oxygen probe just like someone else had describe.. since the membership at guild I belong to didn't want to purchase the not so expensive $400 version direct from Australia mfg.. I built an exhaust manifold of sort that would funnel some of the gases going up the chimney and pass them by an automotive sensor I tapped into the flow with a nice clay collar to contain the sensor.. the readings I got on the cheap Harbor Freight digital meter just continued to climb as the sensor heated up it seemed.. in the 40+mV range.. then i swapped sensors to another used one and I didn't get any reading.. UH.. I was disappointed.. any tips out there? thanks Joe
  3. A huge topic in sustainability is how to manage a studio, cleanliness, environmental control, disposal of waste material, wastewater management, dust control etc.
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