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  1. Thank you everyone for your Advice. I do feel a little apprehensive now with how this is going to turn out for my sculpture, I say oh dear, maybe I should of done a bit more research with regards the finer points of working with clay, oh well, I will just have to grin and bare it and just hope too much damage isn't done as it goes through the drying process. ] Yes, there is a hole underneath the body where I use a dowel, I was thinking about going in there with a sharp tool and try dig out some of the paper. Regards lee
  2. Thanks Neil, I had look back at some pictures I had taken when I started the sculpture, To be truthful I don't recon I used that much Newspaper for the Armature, for the main body, I would say I rolled it at about 1'' in diameter, I will do as I have been advised to let it fully dry out properly, then Firer it and keep my fingers crossed everything works out OK Many Thanks lee
  3. Thank you bciskepottry, I will take up what you have advised Beautiful sculpture . . . and you say it's your first?!!! Yes honestly!, I have never done anything like this before, I will say I loved every minute doing this sculpture, cant wait to start the next one, that is when I come up with a idea. Kind regards lee
  4. Thanks for that Jim Funny really that I did a Bulldog, our family dog is a 6 months old Wire Fox Terrier Those pictures seem to open up very large, I am rubbish with computers, can anyone make them smaller. Regards lee
  5. Many thanks for the Reply bciskepottery Do I just leave it to thoroughly dry out Naturally, at the moment it's in the shed, it's quite coldish and damp hear at the moment, would it be a good idea to bring it into the house, will it start to crack up as it's drying out ?
  6. Hello All, I am very new to clay sculpting, Just finished my first sculpture, just a few little things left to clean up, then I am hoping to put it in the kiln for firing, but because I am so new to this, (I am a bit stuck as where to start), my main concern being that of the Armature, I used rolled news paper, the sculptor/model is made from terracotta clay that I purchased from a UK company by the name of Pot-clay, my sculpture is of a ''Bulldog'', in my own style, about 12x roughly 9 inches or so in size, Can I fire it with the paper left inside? or do I need to remove it, I would rather leave the paper inside if possible, I don't really want to chop it apart. Would it be Better for me to post a picture up Any advice would be greatly Appreciated! Many thanks lee
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