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  1. You've got some great advise from everyone! I would go into it with the mindfullness of experimenting with new ways of playing with glazes, instead of "fixing it" and in this way you won't be disappointed but will learn from it. Think of the pots as a test tile, and take mental or physical notes as a student would. You may or may not come up with a great pot overall, or you might. I look at it as "a happy accident" of opportunity to learn more. Namaste
  2. I have found that a slow bisque firing to cone 04 instead of cone 06 has been helpful
  3. Yes, Marylin, I agree with Lucy. Porcelain is not an easy clay to work with in the manner you are using it for. For Sculpture you do not have to worry about hi or lo fired as long as it is for indoors and no freezing and thawing to deal with. There is no "right or wrong" way to be an artist, you just need to understand the qualities of the materials you're working with and allow yourself the permission to experiment. have fun and good luck!
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  5. Does the kiln have temperature knobs such as low, medium , and high, or a variable temperature knob? Does it have the name "Dawson Kiln sitter " on it? Have you ever used cones before or know what they are and how they work? Do you have the correct voltage outlet for this kiln? We need to start on some basics in order to see if this is going to work for you... Teresita
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