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  1. no you do not have to rebisque your pots before glazing again. just wipe off the glaze with wet sponge or better still scrape off with a metal rib back into the glaze bucket-when completely dry to touch (doesn't feel cool) you may reglaze.
  2. propane was used in old and new kiln, glaze thickness doesn't seem to effect overall reduction-i'm wondering if shino does best with early (cone 012) reduction rather than later reduction. its a mystery-all variables are the same in terms of glaze ingredients, recipies, etc. any thoughts????
  3. i achieved good firing results in my old kiln with shino reduction. now, i have a new and different kiln, different burners etc. and am not getting the toasty browns, just small areas of reduction here and there. at what point in the firing are these glazes most sensitive to reduction? all my other glazes reduce beautifully! HELP!
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