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  1. Hi John, thanks. I know the logistics must be a nightmare and no there is no easy answer. Also great to hear your lecture was standing room only! I did write to Cynthia. It was just very frustrating when you could only stand in the hall and have the Fire Marshall move you along, repeatedly. To show up 15-30 minutes early and not get in the entire first day and partial second day was not good. The other lecture I ran to; Where to find potassium for glazes. Was cancelled. It worked out because several others were standing there and it started up a pretty good conversation in the hall. Ended up at Chris Gustins studio and gallery and that was great. So not always what you think you're going to get but have never walked away from Nceca without great information, gifts and pots! Looking forward to this one too!
  2. Going! Looking forward to the 50th anniversary of NCECA! Shows look great as do the lectures. Hoping more potters fit in a lecture hall than last year in Providence.
  3. I'm on my 11th firing with a Skutt 1027, 3" brick. Easy to change elements, thermocouples and relays, tech support has been fantastic and I ordered KPM elements as I fire to cone 8 sometimes. I bought it because we use them at school and they are true work horses. It replaced a DaVinci LnL. Miss the internal firing space in my old DaVinci but the energy savings on the new kiln is a marked improvement. Also upgrading my 28 year old Cress this year with a Tucker ConeArt kiln. Have talked to Frank Tucker extensively and am impressed with what he doing. I also looked at Bailey, but chose the 8 cu. ft square kiln from Tucker. Good Luck! After replacing two large 30 year kilns I have to say I am impressed with what kiln builders have done to improve their products for studio potters.
  4. Do a button test with the unknown stuff, it gives you a starting point to start eliminating what it isn't. I have done button tests on most of my feldspars, kaolins etc. It gives you a good base to test your materials every time you get a new bag. Good luck, I'm still working through a few final bags of stuff I inherited 10 years ago! Fun stuff!
  5. Also cristobalite is a factor. Baking ware can have huge issues with Quartz inversion.
  6. Hi Dee, Look at the pinholes through a hand held magnifying glass. If pinhole looks like an explosion it's coming from the clay body. If it is just a hole with with no visible clay it's the glaze and a soak at top temp for 10 -15 minutes should help. good luck.
  7. Todd Leech and moderate the blog at Northern Ohio Clay. http://northernohioclayguild.blogspot.com/ My blog on day to day stuff in the studio and on the home front, sometimes in a twisted way. http://www.painefalls.blogspot.com/
  8. I just went through this with a terra cotta clay. Not sure which one you're using but I ended up firing to cone 2 and the scum was gone. The terra cotta lost the nice orange color I was hoping for but it's now a toasty brown and tough as nails. I made garden lanterns. When I talked to the tech at the clay company I had ordered the terra cotta for schools, no where on the webpage does it say the clay is for schools. There is no barium in the clay body which prevents scumming, it's just a small percent but enough to make a big difference in the final work. Good luck.
  9. Go to Home Depot and get a piece of dry lock board, not cement board it's too heavy and flakes a bit. But the stuff that is thin and fiber Duralock I think is the name. cut it to the size of your wedging table and screw it down to your wedging table (over the plaster) It wipes up with a sponge, scrape it down with a plastic putty knife.
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