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  1. You say she's been your student for several weeks but that's only several hours of class time if you only meet 1.5 hrs/week. She has just enough time to forget most of what she has learned by the next class. Copying is one way people learn. Since you don't have any pictures in your profile gallery, I don't know if your pots are worth copying or not, but there is nothing wrong with a beginning potter copying other potters. If she is intelligent and creative she will only use that as a way to grow and find her own way with clay. If she's not then who cares? Surely you aren't worried about people
  2. Can anyone speak to the difference when giving private lessons? I have been giving private classes (an hour and a half) once a week for quite a few weeks now (for adults). My teaching experience is minimal, as I had one other student for a few weeks (who was keen and enthusiastic), and now this student for several weeks. As she is the only student, and paying more for private classes, I try to let her lead the direction of the class. I know my throwing, and other techniques, so I thought it would be great. But her attitude is defeatist, and her patience is... low. She points to my own wor
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