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  1. Decided to load it and fire it. Fired this morning, I noted the temp. every 30 minutes and it was right on track w 300/hr and shut off right when it hit the cone 05 temp! I am pleased. Looking forward to opening it up tomorrow!
  2. Thanks so much! I might just get a few "class packs" and see what happens! I prefer the brown reds so I feel that this line is right up my alley! Hopefully the tests come out well enough to sell so I can buy some more glazes to experiment with!
  3. I have just started at my home making and firing cone 6 stoneware. I am using speckled brownstone. I like the idea and concept behind the Potters Choice glazes but after reading through all these forums about these glazes I am having second thoughts. Here is what my idea is as my funds are quite limited at the time right now. I am considering getting 2 colors in either gallons or 25# dry (so I can dip) and then buying a couple of the glaze packs in pints that I will brush over. Are there some colors that are more consistent or stable than others? After looking through the Amaco tests and info here are the couple colors I am considering as my bases: Deep Firebrick Blue Midnight Deep olive Speckle Iron Stone If you have experience with these glazes (even better these glazes on this type of clay!) I would love feedback or suggestion or pictures! Thoughts????
  4. So I bought a kiln that came with shelves and posts...unfortunately the person before me NEVER put kiln wash on the shelves and there "was" glaze ALL over them. I am talking a ring or 2 or 3 on each shelf. I have chiseled all the glaze off and as I am preparing to kiln wash them I have a question... Should I kiln wash the flat surface of the shelves and leave the chipped as the under side? OR Should I kiln wash the cratered side of the shelf and use that as the top? This is my first kiln...sorry for the many questions that will come from now on! Thanks so much!
  5. I am aiming to glaze fire to cone 5 or 6...still trying to figure out what I am going to do for glazes! I have the manuals and some notes as to how the previous owner fired it. Now I just need to begin my relationship with my first kiln!
  6. I have purchased and installed a used Paragon TnF kiln in my garage. I am ready to fire it for the first time and quite honestly I am nervous to fire it with pieces in it. I was thinking maybe I should kiln wash all the shelves that came with it and load them in the kiln and fire it with just the shelves first to make sure it is working properly. Any thoughts or tips or tricks???? Please!
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