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    pattial reacted to oldlady in Black Friday/shop Small Saturday   
    could not believe what was not there this afternoon when i arrived.  had to pack up almost all the multiple stands because they were empty.  packed up most of the single stands because they were empty.  the huge basket was down to half and many of the tiny things were spread over all the tables to cover the emptyness.   of the items in the pictures, i brought home the big brown thing, both lovebirds(!) the blue fish, wall pockets and a few of the squares.  evelyne's cats were gone really fast and some lady bought a stack of butter dishes for her employees.  lots of empty boxes that had left here full to bursting.
    LOVE THE HOLIDAY SALE!  we get to see old customers and friends and all the other potter's new work.  
    everyone did very well, the dollars will be counted out on tuesday afternoon.  LOVE THE BOOKKEEPING DONE BY SOMEONE ELSE!    
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    pattial got a reaction from florence w in Community Challenge #3   
    Community challenge #3. Final entry

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    pattial reacted to Mistfit in Community Challenge #3   
    Final Entry: Kevin "Mistfit" Mist CC3
    I am pretty pleased with how these turned out. Many things in this glaze firing failed. I am still working out why. These were created as a bottomless pot on the wheel. I then allowed them to dry a bit and from there I put in the "chopstick" indentation to create the lid/gallery. I took a couple of slabs with the leaf imprint in them and draped them over the top of my open form and allowed both to get to leather hard. I then attached them all together and went through way too much time cleaning up the edges and joints. Sometimes my OCD gets the better of me. Then it was firing, waxing, firing again.

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    pattial got a reaction from vinks in Community Challenge #3   
    Community challenge #3. Final entry

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    pattial got a reaction from Cathie64 in Community Challenge #3   
    Community challenge #3. Final entry

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    pattial reacted to oldlady in Community Challenge #3   
    with undying gratitude to john malone, my final entry, oldlady.

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    pattial got a reaction from Evelyne Schoenmann in Community Challenge #3   
    Community challenge #3. Final entry

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    pattial reacted to Chris Campbell in How To Add Thin Objects To Outside Of Fired Pots?   
    Just an FYI ... If you soak your material in slip you can drape it on the pots before firing. Fabric burns out and leaves the clay 'fabric' behind.

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    pattial got a reaction from bciskepottery in Community Challenge #3   
    Community challenge #3. Final entry

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    pattial reacted to Cavy Fire Studios in Favorite Websites   
    This one!
    I have never seen more beautiful ceramics than what is in our own members' gallery. Like, seriously. It's all so varied and inspiring to the Guinea. <3
    ...because Beth is a goddess.
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    pattial reacted to Celia UK in Can This Piece Be Salvaged?   
    For those of us this side of the pond can someone explain what Caro syrup or sugar syrup is?
    I've used vinegar slip on greenware with mixed success, perhaps syrup will make all the difference?
    On the other hand I've had good results with Mayco's clay mender on bisque and even glazed pieces, where very small (3mm broken surface) pieces have been knocked off. See pic. (these bowls are generally 5-6" diameter). Takes a lot of patience and a delicate touch, but so does the initial making, so I've deemed it worth the investment - time & emotional!
    I have learnt to only work on these pieces when I can give them my full concentration - the slightest carelessness will see a piece of the 'stencil' on the work table. I have to tell myself when to stop clean up at the greenware stage - and leave it until it's bisqued. Also, I now sandwich the v thin slab for cutting the stencil, between cling film throughout the whole procedure, including drying.

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    pattial reacted to Mark C. in Back Aches And Wheels   
    As one who has spent a lifetime at a wheel as a funtional studio potter.I can say that raising the wheel some and the right chair help a lot. My wheel is up about 6 inches with brent booties but any PVC pipe support will do the same. Or blocks of wood. The stool will also make a huge difference-mine is adjsutable up and down as well as fount to back tilt with back support.I'm just under 6 foot tall.
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    pattial reacted to BeckyH in Community Challenge #2   
    I'm no corporation, but I'll send a batch of brownies to anyone who finishes an entry!
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    pattial reacted to Celia UK in Community Challenge #1   
    Soooo ... Even though it's my first time glaze firing stoneware - and I fired the chosen glaze to the wrong temperature, (see my post 'Bubbles in glaze'), I'm still uploading an entry because I think it's a great idea of Joel's (High Bridge Pottery) and feel I should give something back and not just 'take' from the forum.
    I'm still struggling to get decent photos that don't exceed the maximum, so apologies if this pic isn't very good (like the piece itself!)

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    pattial got a reaction from Celia UK in Community Challenge #1   
    A snowy winter's evening
    ( I don't know why it's sideways)

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    pattial reacted to LawPots in Community Challenge #1   
    Well, since I'm a student of Mea's - I'll do what she did, and post something I made last year (I am making more . . .)
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    pattial reacted to rayaldridge in Community Challenge #1   
    Well, okay.  I don't think I made an official entry yet.
    Final Entry.
    Cloud Mug:

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    pattial got a reaction from jolieo in Community Challenge #1   
    A snowy winter's evening
    ( I don't know why it's sideways)

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    pattial reacted to neilestrick in Pottery Add   
    Or, as I tell my students, shut up and throw.
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    pattial reacted to bciskepottery in Dressing Up The Display   
    Not being able to sew in a straight/non-straight line, I employed the goods services of my spouse to make similar table covers. She also made me one that fits over a stack of the plastic bins I use to transport pottery; putting the empty bins to use as a small table in the booth.
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    pattial reacted to TJR in Selling Pottery To Snowbirds   
    That is just cruel!
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    pattial reacted to Nancy S. in Brushing Glaze Smoothly   
    I like the hake brushes and fan brushes for smooth and even coverage.
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    pattial reacted to Benzine in *gasp* Handle Sacrilege!   
    That's essentially how I explain it to my students.
    Also, another reason I enjoy pulled handles, is because I get to demonstrate it straight-faced, to a group of teenagers, while watching them try to not laugh...
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    pattial reacted to Mark C. in Weight/size Charts?   
    The best way to do this list is weigh then throw and look what turns out.
    I have a form list on the wall at wedging table with wieghts-my one developed over time
    My mugs for example are 3/4# and 1 #(the standard) 1 1/4 # and 1 1/2 # and huge ones at 2#
    Your may be a different weight as your throwing skills and style may vary.Get a better scale(more accurate)
    The list you want is only for you. Keep throwing till its 2nd nature then work on such a list.
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    pattial reacted to Pres in Throwing Off The Hump?   
    I usually throw off a 15# to 20# hump when doing chalice bowls and stems. I have also used it to throw mugs and bowls of late. It is a bit of a control issue where I had to make a little alteration in the way you throw. If you open up straight down and pull the walls up you will probably have 20-30% S cracking. It is difficult to compress the base working this way. However, flattening out a pancake with the thumb, then curling this upward to form the walls will cause the clay particles to round around the corner at the base, and not put as much pressure on the center when drying. Then you can throw the walls a little more, and shape the piece. I usually leave a little more in the base, and trim carefully. Removal for me is done with putty knife dampened and sliding through the clay lifting at the end to place on a ware board. I have also used a wooden rib with string attached where you let the string naturally rap itself around the base(mark base groove where the cut should go always) then pull through to separate.
    I once took a job to teach myself how to throw off the hump, didn't make a lot of money at it, but did learn how. Threw 2000 small cup like vessels for a religious conference-Filling your Vessel. My actual total was more like 2300, but after learning how no cracks.
    You may understand more of what I mean watching this video.
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