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  1. I fired my pieces, cone 6, and here are the newest pictures plus pictures of my test tiles
  2. Here are some pictures of some things I done with mason Stains. The Sunflower was a yellow glaze with Lobster stain over top of it. The pansy was a white glaze with Lavender and purple stains over top. The cup is Yellow Glaze on the outside and White on the inside. Eric's Hot Dog plate is unfired, (clear glaze, with Black, lobster and Fawn over top.) Sharon
  3. I just started using Mason Stains. When you mix them with glaze they come out transparent. I mixed my stain with nepheline syenite (equal parts) and water to a thin consistancy and painted over clear glaze and fired to cone ^6. Sharon
  4. Thanks Sherman, I let you Know how this comes out after I fire these pieces. Sharon
  5. I just dipped my pieces in my glaze and there were a lot of pin holes, so I rinsed off the glaze. Do I need to re bisque fire my piece before I try to glaze it again? The specific Gravity of the glaze is 1.45. Should it be thinner for dipping? Sharon
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