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  1. Hello Friends, I won't be posting or throwing for quite a while. Medical problems for Parents taking my time and energy. Lost my center anyway !!


  2. I am at your feet, Marcia, just at your feet. The Bio of Marcia Selsor, the Art and Clay craft of this gifted Artist is well beyond the ken of this mortal man. I am humbled and honored to be on her list of Friends, Thanks, Marcia

  3. I lived in Huntley and Billings, Montana for a total of 31 years. I miss it dearly. Your photos remind me how wonderful the big sky and open space can liberate one's mind. Great photos. Thanks.

  4. Passamari

    Passamari Pottery

    from the old guy in Montana
  5. married tramp artist

  6. Dang .... New blog at http://passamaripottery.blogspot.com/, I'm really trying to be a part of this...
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