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  1. to follow the college thread of thought. Sometimes they offer to the community night classes that are not curriculum rigid. Since one isn't looking for a degree it is possible to make whatever your heart desires and they will fire them and usually allow free access to glazes all inclusive in the cost of the classes. Our area classes are approx. $200.00 for 8 weeks.
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  4. I might be interested in having you carry a sculpture. Would like to know more about what you want and offer. see attachment for pix of one of mine entitled "painful fashion" It isn't the best pix of her but if you are interested I can get some made for you. The second attachment is her before she was fired.
  5. Question- What do ya'll reccommend wire wise to use in the clay forms to help the tensile strength of the wet clay when freeforming clay figures of heights around 10-16 inches. I do figures in motion or at the very least standing on their on two feet. Because of the nature of the figures they are so fragile until after 2nd firing. I am wondering if there is a method out there someone might share to remedy my problem with snapped off body parts.
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