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  1. I have done some experimenting with old photocopies applied to clay, various temps and various results from quite successful to zero. So basically,a bit hit and miss. I applied the image ,ink side to leather hard clay and carefully rubbed the back which removed some excess paper and seemed to help the copy to stick. Has anyone else been doing tests on something like this? Find it hard to find much info (I teach in an Art college and every few years a similiar question pops up) . The main problem I seemed to be having was the copy image peeling or lifting from the clay as shrinkage occured (during drying and firing) particularly,but not solely, on vertical surfaces. If anyone out has come up with a (fairly) reliable technique using direct photocopier to paper to ceramic images, I would greatly appreciate any info you'ld be willing to share. Many thanks. Paddy Moloney
  2. Alsagers often thread on, opposite thread to throwing turn. Jamb something (unplug it first!) underneath to stop the shaft, etc. turning and, maybe with some help, twist the head briskly. Lubricating oil (WD 40 is brand name here) soaked into the thread won't hurt either. Alsagers are tough, so don't be too gentle!
  3. Just wondering...does the praying help the glaze.....
  4. I've worked in 3rd level art school, ceramics,for about 30 years and have seen some strange shite; this one, however goes straight up there to the top of the 'Beats me' board. Very strange, interesting, baffling even! Now to try it with some Irish coins (we still have a few to spare) and see what happens.....maybe I'll get a shamrock?
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