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  1. I have had a Shimpo for two years and love it. My first though when I watched your video, and I don't mean to offend you, was have you tried cleaning it? There may be clay built up that is causing the stalling.
  2. I have two questions regarding the Led light bulbs 1. Specifications say you need to replace all bulbs in a fixture, if the fixtures are wired in a series do you need to replace all the bulbs at once or just the two in the fixture. 2. Is it worth the cost if rent your space and don't know how long you will be there? Thanks for any input. You have.
  3. I have used painter's tape to block glaze. Just let the glaze dry before removing the tape.
  4. I have sampled my way through Sheffield Pottery's cone six offerings. They have a wonderful policy of letting you try 25 lbs of any clay for $15.00 and giving you a $15.00 coupon good on a future purchase. I find I like their 4DS best. It starts out gray and fires to a nice brown. Warm like a red clay without the iron staining. It throws well and fits my glazes nicely.
  5. There is almost always music at the studio I belong to. What is on depends on who gets there first and sets up the music. I like classical in general, but will listen to anything but rap or heavy metal. Other members have a nice jazz play list. Some times I just sneakily decrease the volume of what ever is playing to make it more comfortable for my ears.
  6. My pottery teacher at the local college suggested draping lightly with plastic but putting hole in the center of the plastic. Protects the edges but lets a little air in the center.
  7. I have used painters tape around the outside of a bowl or mug to contain the inside glaze, then dipped up to the rim in another glaze. Sometimes I dip just the rim in a third glaze.
  8. I took an Adult Ed class at the local Community College for 3 years. I enjoyed seeing other people's ideas. Things were good until the college work study kids began to load the kilns, then there were a lot of problems. The adult ed students are now in the process of opening our own group studio and I can't wait. We will have 24/7 access so I will still be able to have some alone time.
  9. They make it look easy! It is not easy. I noticed that the wheel is turning counter clockwise. Isn't that a western not eastern norm?
  10. I'm a righty. When I took my first pottery class I was having limited success. I made several soggy lumps of clay then switched to hand building just to have something to fire. One night I suddenly was able to center and pull up a cylinder. I was elated and as the instructor came around I proudly showed her my results. She noticed right away that I had the wheel going "the wrong way". I have been throwing clock wise ever since. I have no trouble watching and learning from counter-clockwise instruction. My instructor has not tried to "correct" my backwardness.
  11. Alas, the class was canceled so I'm not working on anything now. As soon as we find a studio space I will make up for lost time. Thanks for your input. : )
  12. After reading all the fine advice that was given on this thread I was inspired to post my own "first Tea pot". The adult ed class I took gave us a timed challenge to throw the pieces. We then attached them any way we wanted. This is my finished piece. It holds 12oz.
  13. Here in the Northwest corner of Connecticut, we are fortunate to have an adult ed class at the local community college. The studio is well equipped with 20 wheels, 2 electric kilns, a slab roller, an extruder, a spray booth (in the separate glaze room) and plenty of tables to work on. We share the space with the "for credit" classes. The Adult Ed class is co-taught by 2 wonderfully talented potters. The content of the class is determined by the needs of the students. Weekly demos are tuned to the interests of the students and challenges are issued to each individual's level of ability. I am taking classes for the third year and am learning new things all the time.
  14. Question: Does it take longer to reach final temperature with this much mass? Or, is it more efficient because the clay holds temperature better than the empty air spaces in a loosely filled kiln?
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