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    Claypple got a reaction from ruddhess in Commercial glazes: good experience   
    Laguna "Desert Sand" and "Peacock"
    Duncan "Sephia Brown"
    Coat&Stroke "Java Bean" and "Blue Grass"
    Coyote "Red Gold"
    No overlaying. 

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    Claypple reacted to emptynester in What direction is your wheel spinning?   
    I'm a righty. When I took my first pottery class I was having limited success. I made several soggy lumps of clay then switched to hand building just to have something to fire. One night I suddenly was able to center and pull up a cylinder. I was elated and as the instructor came around I proudly showed her my results. She noticed right away that I had the wheel going "the wrong way". I have been throwing clock wise ever since. I have no trouble watching and learning from counter-clockwise instruction. My instructor has not tried to "correct" my backwardness.
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    Claypple got a reaction from Sheilac in What direction is your wheel spinning?   
    As a lefty who throws with the wheel going clockwise, I disagree slightly with this. I have no problem learning from others who throw counter-clockwise--the key for me at least is to just sit opposite them to watch. But then, like most leftys, I am very very used to living in a right-handed world, and forcing myself to translate techniques, etc., on a daily basis. translating throwing techniques is NOTHING compared to fighting with a 3-ring binder.
    I agree with you. Converting the image while learning is a good healthy challenge for your brain.
    Actually, we all do it when we are watching somebody when we are in front of the person. (I mean, his left is on your right, etc)
    I appreciate all of the above concerns and advices, though.
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    Claypple reacted to Roberta12 in Commercial glazes: good experience   
    I hope this picture loads correctly.   The glaze on the interior of this piece is Goldenrod shino.  The rim is one I mixed and sprayed over it on the rim.  

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