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  1. thanks for your reply Neil, My relay is a dual relay the newer ones I thought that was supposed to prevent from bridging unless both failed at same time which is very unlikely? Also this happened in 4 hours, could the kiln really have reached max temp of 2300-2400 in just 4 hours ? by the time i checked it must have been right after it "completed" the temp was already down to 1440 F I cant believe it cooled from 2400 to 1440 in just an hour all of this happened within a 5 hour total period, you dont think this could happen from heating up twice as fast as normal? or would you say absolutely my kiln had to overfire to do this to ceramics? Also thermocouple was just replaced 2 months ago because i did have a bad one but this one has been working great and is in excellent condition still
  2. I fired my kiln last night same as I have been for the last 2+ years to cone 03 usually takes about 7.26 hours, half way through I went to check the kiln and the orton sentry xpress control board displayed CPLT @ 4.11 it was still at 1400 degrees F so I waited til this morning to open it and 4 shelves of beads and pendants were completely melted i mean gone! a giant blob of glass 4 shelves deep I dont understand what happened, I fired the same as always, the control bored should have gave me an error message if it got too hot, my question is could my work have melted like this not because it got too hot but because it reached temperature twice as fast as normal?? a few months back i woke up to a kiln load of glazed ware that didnt finish fring the display read HTDE Heat temperature deviation kiln shut off because relay got stuck or something, i never figured it out i refired and watched the kiln and it worked without issue until today, and one more thing to add is that if the relay was stuck bridged than i would have had to physically shut off the kiln would have still been hot but the kiln read Completed after just 4 hours also the control bored would give an error if it overheated, I cant let this happen again, paragon wants to send replacement parts but i want to know what the problem even is, they said replace the control bored and the relay but why? which is it and what happened, did my kiln furniture and jewelry all melt because it fired too fast or did my kiln get too hot and somehow bypass showing an error message? and once again as far as it appears kiln seems to be working again thanks for any help! P.s. I attached images to see what happened to my high fire kiln shelves when fired to cone 03 in 4 hours and 11min
  3. hey thanks for your reply, they are advertised as ceramic i was wondering if maybe they use acrylic resin or something like that on the faces and the backs are ceramic.
  4. yes that is what I had thought maybe too but i use many crystal and gem glazes from duncan and mayco and have never seen anything like this , it looks like there is a lot more depth and the swirls seem almost unatural , and ive searched the internet for other crsytal glazes and i havent found anything with pictures this imprssive, but thank you for your reply, i am going to continue searching for some other crystal glazes
  5. thanks for all the answers, i just learned where to see the replies, yes they are called "ear plugs or gauges" for your ears.
  6. does anyone know how these are done? I've never seen color like this before and I buy from an extremely large ceramic/ glaze supplier
  7. I'm hoping someone can tell me how this kind of glaze effect is accomplished or if this is glaze , these were advertised as ceramic plugs so i assumed the color on top is glaze and the sides look like bisque, please help, id love to replicate these colors on my pottery, it looks more like glass then glaze. thanks
  8. Hi, I make buttons and beads but I can only glaze part of them, I would like to glaze the whole piece! I would like to make a clay shaft with nails or wire sticking out everywhere like a dead tree so I can glaze the whole piece and stick each piece on a branch. Does anyone have information that would help me? It would be greatly appreciated thanks!
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