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  1. I don't mean to ride Rapid Dog's coat tails, but since we're on the subject... I think that I have almost come to the end of my electric kiln. I am planning to build a gas kiln in the next year or two, but really know little at all about it. I am wondering if anyone (Marcia?) has advice on some intruductory information for me out there? I wan't to really take advantage of the hibernating I am forced into here in Canada this winter, and do some hard core research on this. Thanks in advance for your time. April
  2. Hello out there... I am putting a few pieces in a friend's wood kiln and am looking for suggestions for some glazes (and recipes) that might result in some interesting surfaces. I already use a lot of ash glazes and of course will try a shino. Just wondering if anyone would like to share?? Thanks for your time. April
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