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  1. Hi Thanks for your help, We have a Econo KIln J type L&L Manual Fire kiln. It has three sections. I do not know if it is 3-phase power. How do I tell? I think 10cu ft is what we want. It has a venting system attached. I will check out what type but I hope to reuse it. Simon
  2. There are a lot of good choices available. You'll have to do some figuring to come up with the correct SIZE to meet the demands that you will need to satisfy. Make sure you order the correct VOLTAGE rating for your supply voltage. And of course have enough Amps available to wire it in correctly. I'd STRONGLY suggest hard-wiring the kiln to the electricla supply, not using a plug and box. A big factor with whatever kiln you buy,....... make SURE to order a local pickup ventilation system along with it....like an EnviroVent. And the kiln should be in a separate room completely away from the children. And the phrase ".....to set and leave...." yopu used there is a scary one. Kilns should NEVER be left to shut themselves off unattended with eitehr a kiln sitter or a computerized controller. That is a formula for eventual disaster. best, ......................john Thank You John, I appreciate your advice. I agree, one should never leave a kiln running unattended. What I was meaning is to not have to manually change the heat. Simon
  3. Hi, I would like some advice as to which kiln to buy for our Elementary School Art Room. Cost is a consideration. We would like a digital kiln that is easy to set and leave. Large square footage. Electric. with an excellent venting system. Any suggestions? Thanks. Simon Paddock Rockport Elementary School Rockport MA
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